A small multiplatform immediate mode graphical user interface with OpenGL3.2 backend.

Available on github


This library is not maintained anymore, please use the far more superior dear imgui.


Most of the code is pulled from the recast library.

TrueType loading and rendering is done using stb_truetype.

The OpenGL backend was ported from OpenGL immediate mode to OpenGL 3.2 mainly to be compatible with Mac OS X core profile.


The only dependency is OpenGL. GLFW, GLEW are embeded with the samples.

Linux : Tested on Arch Linux, Ubuntu 12.10, Debian Wheezy with various versions of gcc

premake4 gmake
make debug
make release

Mac OS X : Tested on 10.7 (Lion) with XCode 4.6. Only compatible with core profile contexts.

premake4 gmake
make debug
make release

Windows : Tested on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2008 and 2010

premake4 vs2008
Open .sln file


Consult the source code for sample.cpp for a detailed usage example.

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